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Do Reusable Ice Cubes Work for Cooling Towels?

If you're trying to find ways to beat the heat this summer, you may have come across cooling towels. There are plenty of these gadgets on the market, and many of them work differently from each other. However, there’s one type of cooling towel that stands apart from the rest: a cooling towel that uses reusable ice cubes. 

While some cooling towels promise only short-term relief, reusable frozen cubes can extend your cooling time for way longer. 

So, do these reusable ice cubes work — and if so, how? Let's take a closer look.

First Off: Why Do We Get Hot?

Before we get into how cooling towels and reusable ice cubes can help, it's important to understand why we get hot in the first place.

We all know that feeling of coming inside after being out in the sun on a hot day. The first thing we usually do is head for the fridge to grab something cold to drink. But what's really happening when we're out in the heat?

Well, when it's hot outside, our bodies have to work harder to maintain a normal internal temperature. This process is known as thermoregulation, and it's controlled by the autonomic nervous system (which regulates all of the automatic processes in our bodies).

In order to keep us cool, our bodies use a few different methods. One is by vasodilation, which is when the blood vessels dilate (widen) to allow more blood flow and heat to be released from the body.

The other main way we cool ourselves down naturally is sweating. When we sweat, the evaporation of the liquid helps to regulate our body temperatures. 

Of course, these methods are not always 100% effective, especially in extremely hot or humid conditions.

This is where cooling towels come in.

How Do Reusable Ice Cubes Work?

There are plenty of cooling towels on the market, but none are quite like Cool Links®. The secret to Cool Links® refreshing power is the reusable ice cubes that come with each towel, which fit seamlessly into the moisture-wicking fabric.

These towels are designed to wrap around your neck while you're working out, hanging out, or performing tasks that expose you to the heat of the day. The reusable ice cubes stay frozen for up to two hours at a time, but that's not the end of your refreshing relief.

Using these cubes is easy. Simply pop them in the freezer to activate their cooling powers, then pop them into your Cool Links® towel when you’re ready. They last up to two hours for each use. Once your cubes have naturally warmed up, they can be removed and replaced with a frozen set for an even longer cooling time.

These frozen cubes penetrate deep into your muscle tissue, meaning they don’t just work for longer — they work faster, too.

After your ice pack thaws out, simply wet your towel with water, wring it out, and snap it around your neck for another refreshing, cooling sensation, just like you would a traditional cooling towel. It’s a two-in-one product with double the relief.

How Reusable Ice Cubes Help With Muscle Pain and Recovery

In addition to helping you keep cool, the ice packs in Cool Links® towels can also help with pain relief and recovery. If you're someone who experiences neck pain or stiffness, simply wear the towel around your neck while you go about your daily tasks.

The ice will help to reduce inflammation and pain in the muscles and tissues. If you're an athlete, Cool Links® towels can also help you recover from strenuous workouts. The ice packs can help to reduce swelling in your muscle tissue, which will help you feel better faster.

Wearing a Cool Links® towel during or after a workout can also help to prevent heat cramps. These cramps are caused by the loss of electrolytes, which can happen when you sweat a lot.

The ice in Cool Links® towels can help to replenish these lost electrolytes and help prevent cramping.

Reusable Ice Cube Refills: Never Run Out of Cooling Power

As you've learned, the reusable ice cubes that come with each Cool Links® towel are what set it apart from other cooling towels on the market. These ice cubes can be reused over and over again, so you never have to worry about running out of cooling power.

To recharge your ice cubes, simply place them in the freezer overnight, and they'll be good to go for another round of cooling relief.

Who Can Benefit From Using Cool Links® Cooling Towels?

Just about anyone can benefit from using Cool Links® cooling towels, but there are some groups of people who may find them especially useful.

For example, those who work outdoors in the summer heat, such as construction workers or landscapers, can use Cool Links® to stay cool and comfortable while they work. Athletes, both professional and amateur, can also use Cool Links® to keep their body temperature down during intense workouts or competitions.

What About When My Reusable Ice Cubes Thaw Out?

When you’re using a Cool Links® towel, you get up to two hours of cooling relief thanks to the removable frozen cubes. After that, you can re-freeze the cubes for another cooling-off session. However, the frozen cubes aren’t the only source of relief that you get from Cool Links® — there’s also the cooling fabric.

Cool Links® towels are made from specialized fabric that helps you stay cooler for longer. The non-toxic material stays cool when you wet it with water, which means you can extend your cooling time long after your frozen cubes thaw out. 

While you can always stash a few sets of reusable frozen cubes at the office, gym, or at home, you don’t have to worry when you don’t have access to them. Thanks to the fabric on a Cool Links® towel, you’ve got more than one way to chill out and beat the heat.

What Makes Cool Links® Reusable Ice Cubes Unique?

Cool Links® reusable frozen cubes are just one of the many features that set our cooling towels apart from the rest. Ultimately, it’s the versatility of these towels that makes them stand apart from the competition. Let’s take a look at what makes Cool Links® reusable frozen cubes so useful.

Easy to Remove and Replace

Cool Links® cooling towels are made for the removable frozen cubes to fit seamlessly into the fabric. Once inserted, the cooling material keeps the frozen cubes chilly for several hours — much longer than ice would last on a hot day. 

Non-Toxic Materials

Like the Cool Links® towels themselves, the removable frozen cubes are made from non-toxic materials. That means you can feel confident that you’re taking care of yourself when you wear Cool Links® around your neck. 

Refillable Cubes for Extra Relief

If you’re trying to find ways to stay cool on the go, make sure you pick up a Cube Refill or two. We sell our cubes separately for those moments when you need to refresh and recharge quickly. They’re infinitely reusable, so you can easily rotate them out with the set of cubes that came with your Cool Links® cooling towel over and over.

Multiple Styles and Colors

While all of the reusable frozen cubes have the same unique look, you can customize your Cool Links® cooling towel to fit your personality (and your fashion sense). We offer a wide variety of solid colors and patterns to choose from, so there’s something for everyone. 

If you’re a fan of dark colors, you might be worried about getting a black or gray Cool Links® towel. After all, don’t dark hues absorb more sunlight? 

While that’s often the case, the specialized material used to make Cool Links® can still keep you cool in any color, even when the sun is high in the sky. 

Why Is It Important To Stay Cool in the Summer?

Aside from the obvious discomfort of being too hot, there are some serious health risks associated with heat exposure.

Heat exhaustion is a condition that can occur when you're exposed to high temperatures, and it can lead to dehydration, weakness, headaches, and even fainting.

If not treated properly, heat exhaustion can progress to heat stroke, which is a potentially life-threatening condition.

The Bottom Line

With the summer heat in full swing, it's important to take steps to stay cool and avoid heat-related illness.

Using a Cool Links® cooling towel — and its innovative reusable ice cubes — is one of the best ways to beat the heat. These towels are made from moisture-wicking material, and the ice inside cools not just your neck but your muscles as well. 

That cooling relief is always there helping you keep cool and comfortable all day long!



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