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Cooling Towel For Neck Collection

The Cool Links® Collection

It’s hard to find a cooling towel that doesn’t look at least a little bit like an eyesore. Other microfiber cooling towel manufacturers you’ll see on sites like Amazon simply care about function over form, but that’s only half of the battle. 

Here at Cool Links®, we know fashion and function can go hand-in-hand. Instead of creating just another product, we’ve created a revolutionary device with intense cooling properties that looks as good as it feels. 

Instead of just giving 15 to 20 minutes of cooling, Cool Links® offers two hours of cooling relief in hot weather — then, you can swap out our freezable reusable cubes for a fresh set and two more hours of chill. Because the Cool Links® neck wrap is frozen from the inside, all that cool can go right to your muscle tissue, acting faster and more deeply no matter what you’re doing. 

Because it’s made using the same fabric as other cooling towel products, you can also wet your Cool Links® with cold water, wring it out, and wear it without the cubes as a traditional evaporative and absorbent cooling towel — giving you two cooling products in one. 

But we know it’s important to look cool while you stay cool. That’s why we offer high-quality, breathable towels in plenty of colors and designs for any style or outfit. They’re easy to drape over your neck and match with other accessories like your bandana, headband, carabiner clips, water bottle, or carrying pouch for a cohesive look. They even provide some sun protection for your neck.

Whether you tend to go for a more understated aesthetic or want everyone to know exactly what you stand for, Cool Links® has a towel just for you! There’s no need to sacrifice your looks to get that cooling effect after a long workout or stay comfortable on a hot day. Plus, just like your favorite absorbent microfiber, polyamide, or PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) cloths, Cool Links® evaporative material is machine-washable.

Here’s everything you need to know about our collection of different Cool Links® sleeves! 

Understated Designs

If you’re someone who believes that everything looks good in black, then we’ve got exactly what you need! 

Our Classic Black original cooling towel design is guaranteed to look good with anything. Meanwhile, our Classic Gray look maintains that understated vibe for days when you want to blend in. 

If you want something with a bit more personality, we also have our Classic Camo design. Keeping with a dark and neutral color scheme, this pattern is an excellent way to incorporate more color into your outfit while staying below the radar. 

Vibrant Colors

If you’re looking for something a little more vibrant, our Classic Blue and Classic Red evaporative cooling towel designs will make a lasting impression. These compelling colors can lift your mood and wake you up at the end of a long workout. Meanwhile, you get long-lasting cooling power.

If you’re looking for something to match your favorite team’s colors, the red and blue sleeves on these instant cooling towels will always look great on a Buffalo Bills fan or a Montreal Canadiens supporter! 

While many other kinds of sports towels look simple and dull, these red and blue sleeves are much more exciting no matter the occasion. 

Personalized Brand Partnerships

If you’re really looking for something that will match your favorite team’s colors and branding, you’re in luck! Cool Links® partners with several teams to make customized sleeves that will help you to regulate your body temperature, avoid hot flashes, absorb excess water, stay comfortable, and show your support all at the same time

Whether you’re on the field, on the bench, or in the stands, Cool Links® might be just what you’re looking for on a hot summer’s day — just read our customer reviews, and you’ll see how much cooling relief they’ve provided!. Feel free to check out the sports teams we’ve partnered with on our website, or reach out to us if you want to partner with us yourself! 

The Best Cooling Towels in the Game

Cool Links® has made it possible to look good and feel good at the same time. Check out our website today for more information on how you can keep your cool in as many ways as possible with Cool Links®


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