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Reusable Ice Cubes

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Keeping extra cubes handy in your freezer or cooler is the perfect way to stay cool on the go.  When you need a quick recharge, simply unzip your Cool Links® and swap out cubes as needed to extend cooling time.  Note:  Refill cubes only fit 'Classic' sleeves and will not fit 'Original' sleeves (Tropicool, Popsicool, Cool).


  • 14 Non-Toxic Cubes 
  • Reusable – Re-freeze to use over and over

Your Favorite Cooling Towel Reinvented

Frozen Removable Cubes

Colder and lasts longer than the competition. Keep Cool Links® in your freezer or cooler for maximum cooling.  Swap thawed cubes with cold ones to stay cool as long as you need.

Cooling Fabric

No freezer, no problem.  Only Cool Links® gives you more than one way to cool off.  The fabric is made with cooling technology making it cold instantly when activated with water.  Simply wet, wring, and snap to activate.

Moisture Wicking

Don’t get your neck and shirt soaked with those other towels.  Cool Links® fabric wicks away moisture and condensation when worn frozen giving you one less thing to sweat.

Magnetic Tab

The only way to stay cool and secure.  Slide the magnetic tab under the opposite end of the towel to keep it from sliding off your neck.

Cube Refills

Our BPA-free reusable ice cubes are a big part of what makes Cool Links so innovative (and refreshing).
While similar products rely on traditional cooling towel techniques, Cool Links is changing the game with the best reusable ice cubes so you can stay cool for longer.
When other cooling products warm up naturally over time, they automatically lose their ability to cool you down.
Depending on the towel you’re using, that can happen pretty quickly — sometimes in less than half an hour. If you’re going to be watching sports, taking a walk,
or working out for longer than 15 minutes, a traditional cooling towel just won’t cut it. That’s why BPA-free plastic ice Cube Refills are so necessary.
They’re more effective than a regular cooling towel, but they’re also longer-lasting and capable of actually meeting your needs.
Here are some of the ways that our Cool Links Cubes can help you truly maximize your cooling experience!

Extended Cooling Periods

One of the coolest aspects of our reusable cubes is that they last longer than other cooling methods.
While a standard cooling towel only lasts for a short period of time, our cubes can stay frozen for up to two hours.
This means that you don’t have to re-wet and re-cool your cooling towel multiple times to stay cool when you’re outside. Cool Links makes staying cool easy and straightforward.
Plus, our frozen cubes penetrate deep into your muscle tissue for an even faster-acting cooldown.

Easy Prep and Easy Use

While other cooling methods require annoying prep work, the only thing you need to do when preparing your Cool Links cubes is throw them in the freezer.
Even just a couple of minutes in a freezer will cool your cubes down to an optimal temperature for use in your Cool Links.
Whether you’re using your Cool Links for thirty minutes or two hours, all you need to do is grab some cubes from your freezer, throw them in your towel, and you’re good to go!
Simplifying the process makes it infinitely easier to stay comfortable, even on the hottest summer afternoons.

Replaceable for an Even Longer Cool

If you’re going to be outside for a long time and something that will keep you cool indefinitely, Cool Links is exactly what you need.
Once your cubes naturally warm, you can easily switch them out for fresh ones from your freezer. Cycling through our reusable cubes can make it incredibly easy to stay cool for an extended period of time.
These cubes can be frozen and refrozen over and over again, so you don’t need to worry about buying new cubes all the time!
Plus, Cool Links are made with the same fabric as traditional cooling towels.
Just wet our soft and comfortable material, and you can wear it like any other cooling towel for added cooling functionality.
It’s like two amazing cooling products in one fun package.
Get ready for Cool Links to become your favorite hot-weather accessory.