Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Cool LinksTM really work?
● Yes! The Cool LinksTM is not your average cooling neck wrap. It delivers long-lasting cooling while being comfortable and fun to wear.
How long will the cooling last?
● Depending on your activity, the Cool LinksTM will last up to 2 hours. When worn out of the freezer, you will feel an initial cold sensation. As time goes on, your body heat will initiate the phase change in the liquid making it feel even colder.
Can I extend the cooling time?
● Yes! With our replaceable Cool CubesTM the cooling can last as long as you'd like. We offer an additional set of 14 cubes for sale. Simply keep the extra cubes in the freezer or cooler and swap out as needed.
Will it leave my neck wet?
● No, the Cool LinksTM utilizes a sweat wicking fabric to leave your skin feeling cool and dry unlike other neck cooling wraps.
How do I cool the Cool LinksTM?
● The simplest way is to keep the links and cubes in the wrap and place it directly in the freezer. You can lay it flat or roll it up to save space. Or you can remove the cubes and individually place them in the freezer.
Do I need to soak the Cool LinksTM in water?
● No. All you need to do is place it in the freezer and wait until frozen for optimum use. 
How do I wear it?
● Place the Cool LinksTM around your neck with the graphic side up. The smiling magnet tab should be on your right side. Slide the magnet tab underneath the opposing sleeve side to snap in place.
What is the function of the center access panel?
● The primary center six Cool CubesTM are the ones with direct contact to your neck providing the most effective cooling. The center panel allows access to quickly swap those six cubes when you're on the go without having to remove the entire chain. 
How do I attach links?
● To attach a new link, first remove the Cool CubeTM and then slide one link's button into the another link's opening. Insert the cube back in the link and you're good to go.
My chain has moved inside the cooling wrap. How do I fix it?
● Depending on your activity, the chain can sometimes shift position inside the sleeve. To re position, open the hidden zipper completely and slide the entire chain so it sits center against the wrap.  
Can I order cooling wraps separately?
● Yes. We have a wrap only purchase option so you can collect different ones without the need to purchase another chain. We will be adding to our collection very soon!